My Suggestion About Starting Anything Is Choose and Commit To Yourself First

Making A Choice And Committing To Yourself Can Be Liberating

Lalitha Brahma
2 min readMar 14, 2022


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I thank you for taking time to read my article or “Story” ( as our Publisher call it). After completing 21 Day Series and 7 Part series, I am now motivated to try Short form articles/stories. “This Triangle Content System Made February My Best Month” by Kristina God is serving as a Catalyst for me to get inspired for Short Form writing. I feel true to my authentic Inner self, if I have clear intentions: Here is my commitment statement to myself:

I commit to writing Short Form articles that may contain under 250 words and under 3 min read.

I commit to writing at least 11 of them in a month.

I choose and commit to stop beating myself up when I don’t complete the number mentioned within the time I set for myself.

I choose and commit to consciously start noticing how I am building myself up instead of beating myself up.

I choose and commit to write on “Personal Development”, “Self Awareness”, “Exercising”, ”Coaching” and “Becoming Better Version Of Ourselves” or any other topic that inspires me.

I choose and commit to do my best, based upon my own knowledge, experience and understanding to provide value to my readers and listeners.

Conclusion and Suggestions:

Making a choice and commitment to myself is truly liberating. Could you try writing your choice and commitment for starting a simple task that you have been wanting to do and putting off??? I know you can. Please feel free to share your experience.

See you in my next Short Form writing piece.

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