One Way Of Feeling Pain

If I have pain I start right away with my mental work. I often replace the word “pain’’ with the word “sensation”.

Lalitha Brahma
3 min readJul 19, 2022


A lady is crying in pain
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I have been saying affirmations from the book “ Meditations To Heal Your Life” by Louise. L. Hay in front of the mirror for quite some time. Initially saying random affirmations aloud served as a Starter to feed my mind with positive and empowering thoughts.

As years passed by, I realized that I can make this act of saying and internalizing affirmations in a more meaningful and a useful way. I would flip through the pages of the book and consciously pick a particular affirmation that I would feel like doing for a certain reason.

Today I woke up with a slight headache.

I decided to read aloud an Affirmation Titled “ Pain”. I am reproducing the words for you to understand how just by reading itself, we can change the way we think about pain and process it.

“Love will always dissolve pain. I replace punishing thoughts with forgiving thoughts. My higher self shows me the way to live a pain free life. As if it were an alarm clock signaling me to wake up to my inner wisdom. If I have pain I start right away with my mental work. I often replace the word “pain’’ with the word “sensation”. My body is having a lot of sensation. This little shift in words helps me focus my consciousness on healing, which helps me heal much quicker. I know that as I alter my mind just a little bit, my body is altered in a similar direction. I love my body, and I love my mind, and I’m thankful that they are so closely related.”

Meditations to Heal Your Life

What were the narratives that did not come up because of reading and internalizing the above affirmation and how did I change my mindset to run my day?

I never said to myself “Oh My God, why do I have headache early in the morning? or why me? The moment I used the word sensation instead of pain, my physiology changed. I stopped associating to physical pain but gave myself permission to love my body and mind in a healthy way. I could think logically and take action by way of helping my body with home remedies because I love my body instead of consuming medicines that may…



Lalitha Brahma