Repurposing-My Insights

Lalitha Brahma
1 min readSep 9, 2021

Today I am going to make it short. Well the word repurpose means “To give a new purpose or new use to”. From my childhood may be the way I was brought up, I always wanted to use my things effectively, repurpose, be creative in using anything. That does not mean I am very creative.

I love watching 5 minutes craft videos and always wanted to do at least one of them instead of just watching and moving on. Then I would get paralyzed by thoughts like “ Hmm, is it worth my time?”. Is it really useful or I can buy at less cost etc etc.

I was fascinated by a method to transform a t-shirt to a tote bag. I just did it anyway.

What did I learn from this project?

1. It is OK sometimes to step away from my routine in the early morning. 2. It is OK to be imperfect when your creative juices are moving you. 3. I felt more inspired and accomplished to move on with the rest of days activities. 4. The thought, feeling and action of Repurposing a thing, seems in integrity with one of my core values “ Use your resources resourcefully”

Now it is your turn! Feel free to share your story on Repurposing.

Have a fantastic day!

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Lalitha Brahma